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Tell us about your business!

Nine2 has the following requirements for setting up a new dealer account:

  1. Retail store with motorcycles, atv, utv and accessories or Apparel/Sunglasses retail.

  2. Business address separate from the owner’s residence.

  3. Open to the public during normal business hours or attend industry events.

  4. Pay by COMPANY Visa / Mastercard / Etc. or pay C.O.D. (No personal credit cards)

  5. Supply Nine2 with trade references.

  6. Proof of Liability Insurance

Please submit resale certificate or download PA Form below and attach PDF below when submitting application

By submitting, I certify that I am in the commercial business of selling, manufacturing and/or building products pertaining to the industry Nine2 operates. I also certify that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I am purchasing all Nine2 Technologies, LLC products for resale and am solely responsible for ensuring that local and state sales taxes are paid.

Upload Resale Form
Upload Liability Insurance
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