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  • What is the best way to clean Nine2 goggles?
    Hello from Nine2! ”what is the best way to clean Nine2 goggles?”. -Note: For Roll off goggles- Before cleaning the goggles. If you ran the film out of the goggle, its best not to take them apart before soaking them. Less of a chance to scratch them this way. If you would like to save the fim for the next ride, carefully remove the film and begin the cleaning process. The best way to clean the goggles without causing harm to the lense or an other part of the goggles is to first soak the goggles in water. And when i say soak i do not mean run them under water for 2 seconds and then rub them with a dry paper towel! Take a 5 gallon bucket and fill enough to have goggle or multiple submerged in water, or run water in your sink as long as your wife or significant other will not get mad! And let the goggles soak for a good 20-30 minutes. Just water, no soap. Next, take the now soaking wet goggles and lightly rub the dirt away from the lens while the goggle is submerged under the water. Do this till clean. Then let goggles air dry. Lastly take the cleaned goggle and with a very soft, moist towel, wipe over the lens to make them like new again! Hope this helps everyone cleaning their Nine2 goggles!
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